Tips On How To Keep Your Wedding Reception Guests Entertained And Interested

Are you planning a wedding? Have you been wondering how to keep your bridal reception guests entertained and interested in the event; in a way that’s beyond the ordinary? If so, then here are a few of our suggestions and recommendations for you…

Unusual entertainment
Wedding entertainment is vital. From keeping the guests occupied until the bride and groom arrive, to keeping them entertained while they indulge in their meal, this can fill in on all the (predicted and unpredicted) empty space of your big day. wedding bands Brisbane are a fairly common entertainment; but if you do it right, this too can fall into the unusual category. Apart from this, some of our other recommendations are Acappella singers, celebrity impersonators, stand up comedians, and even dance instructors to get the crowd hopping on to the dance floor.

Interactive table centerpieces
one of the most dreaded parts of any nuptial (for guests), is to be seated in a table full of strangers. While you might try your best to avoid this, sometimes, this cannot be helped. Apart from Brisbane cover bands and Acappella singers, having something to help your guests “break the ice” and get to know each other is also a great way to keep them occupied among themselves. From each table having a bowl full of building blocks for the table occupants to build the happy couple something, to having a few scrabble tiles helping them pass on “words of wisdom” for the couple, a little bit of creativity will make plenty of options for you…

Photo booths and props
There is no doubt that this is the decade of the selfies. Thanks to the quality of the cameras in smart phones, now-a-days, nearly everyone you know is an expert with photography. Since your guests are going to be occupied with taking pictures anyway; why not keep them occupied through that? Have a photo booth, and/or have fun props to take pictures with in each table. Create a hashtag for your wedding and let your guests know about it. This is a fun (and sneaky!) way to collect all those pictures that don’t make the official album.

Nibble foods as opposed to starters
One thing that almost everyone will admit to agree upon when it comes to weddings; they are definitely time consuming. Things take long to happen; even when everything is in schedule. And even when you have a really good meal planned for your wedding guests, it still wouldn’t hurt to keep them “distracted” with food. “Nibble food”, as we like to call them, are not exactly starters. Little platters of mixed nuts, dry fruits or even cute and small cones full of French fries or small shot glasses full of “salad”; these are all great options to consider…private-party

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