Nov 28

Snowflakes, Sparkle And Winter Weddings Oh My!

When Christmas is upon us, winter weddings are sure to follow. Whether snowy or in the tropics having a wedding in December is always magical. If your heart is set on a winter wonderland day and renting a giant snow machine isn’t your cup of tea fret not! There are plenty of ways to set the mood.

How much sparkle is too much sparkle

December is the perfect time to incorporate plenty of sparkle and glitz to your theme. Tis the season after all! Christmas ornaments can come in handy in your décor. Snowflakes in forms of paper cutouts and ornaments will set the mood without the hassle of the loud hisses or damp of a snow machine. The choices of ornaments during Christmas are endless. Backdrops are all the rage in Sydney wedding photography. A backdrop of fairy lights, stars and snowflakes will be sure set the mood and provide excellent photo opportunities for your guests. Make use of the seasonal decorations by combing through your options. Keep in mind to select simple ornaments that will complement the wedding and not come across as a very extravagant Christmas party.

Complimenting your theme with the right color pallet

Choose your color palate wisely. The color pallet must not clash with the décor. It must fit the theme for the overall look and feel to be cohesive. Choosing the right color scheme is difficult, especially for a winter or seasonal theme. Shades of green, orange and yellow for an example will seem questionable if your table toppers and invitations are more winter wonderland themed. If there is no wedding planner in the mix there are always websites, bridal magazines and wedding boards that recommend a wide range of color palates to suit the theme you have chosen for your big day.

Subtlety is key

If razzle, dazzle and ice sculptures aren’t what you’re looking for there are always ways to keep it soft and subtle. Invites, table placements and lettering can include a bit of sparkle without being over the top. Nothing ruins wedding photography like a theme that overwhelms. A slow shower of paper snowflakes during the first dance has become a trend that captures the joy of the season while being hassle free, tasteful and romantic. This way you don’t have to bundle up in your thermal wear and warmest boots to have a picturesque portrait of slow dancing in the snow.

Winter themed décor is arguably much easier to find during December than any other theme you could possibly come up with as the options and sales are indeed limitless. Sure, the joys of the season are in the air but keep in mind to not go over the top with the theme. Make use of the holiday spirit but be sure that you and your partner remain the central focus.

Nov 14

Things You Can Try To Make Your Event More Interesting

You don’t have any reason to go for traditional, boring events anymore. By making use of smart event and party planning techniques, you can easily add a little bit of spice and variety into an event to make it more appealing and increase the number who are likely to attend.
Depending on the target audience and other factors like the type of event you are going to host, there are several ways to make your event a little more interesting for those who are going to attend. A few modifications that are quite easy to implement are listed below for your own convenience:

Rely On Advertising
If you want to make your event a great success, you need to try and assemble a large crowd of people. To do so, you can rely on the likes of e-mail invitations and social media to try and appeal to as many people as possible. The latter option is recommended due to how just about everybody is using some type of social media in their day to day life.

Choose A Different Venue Than Usual
The place where you are going to host the event itself is a major factor to determine its overall success. There are times when people refuse attending events just because they are held at the same venue they have already visited at least ten or twelve times. You could easily get such people interested If you manage to arrange on a luxury boat or anything similar that is going to catch their attention.

Modify the Event Plan
For example, why not add something unusual to your hens party boat with the inclusion of a DJ to provide some energetic and lively music for all those on board? In the same way, you could opt to make several unusual changes to your event, although you should still consider a limit to not let things get out of control.

Make the Event an Interactive Experience
Another way to make an event more interesting is to get people actively involved in the main event activities. You can host something like a quiz, treasure hunt or some other collective event, offering prizes to those who are successful in clearing the game. Despite what you may think of at first, don’t be surprised to see many adults flocking to your event instead of the dozens of children you may have expected.

Hand Out Something to Remember the Event
It can be anything from a T-shirt to a key chain, but adding some sort of gadget or accessory like that will make the event much more memorable. Each time the people who attended take those items onto their hand, they will remember about the fun times they had that night, wishing that another similar event would be held out sooner than