May 15

Ultimate Unique Wedding Traditions Across The Globe

Wedding traditions are some interesting events and rituals that any marrying party may have to go through. It makes things much more interesting on the wedding day and the days prior to that. Based on different countries or even religions, people have a number of customs and traditions they follow. The purpose of it may differ from warding off potential evil to the mere purpose of fun and enjoyment. Regardless of it, these traditions are much respected by many across the world. Here are some such interesting traditions;

A Constant Change of Outfit

This is a common tradition in most Chinese and Japanese wedding cultures. In a Japanese wedding the bride changes into a total of four to five dresses for the day. A white kimono with a hat over the hair for the beginning of the ceremony, a designed red kimono for the beginning of the reception, a bright coloured kimono for after the cake is cut and one of the chosen bridal gowns for the bridal party. In a Chinese wedding the bride changes in to three outfits, a qipao which is a slim fit red dress for the beginning, a modern white traditional chosen dress for once the reception is over.

Applying Mehendi

This is a tradition common across India. This is where the bride’s hands and legs are decorated with simple yet stunning mehendi designs. Here a separate function too is organized for it, where close family and friends are invited and they too take part in this tradition.

Jumping Over a Broom

This is a tradition common among many African American weddings. This tradition goes back to its roots where back in the slavery days slave men and women were not allowed legally to get married. And this tradition of jumping over the broom which is done together by the bride and groom, is considered as a form of declaring unity among the two parties.

Squashing glass

This is a tradition witnessed in many Jewish weddings. Here the groom tramples a glass and breaks it into many pieces with the use of his foot. This tradition is read in many ways, some consider it to be destroying the temple of Jerusalem others consider this as tradition that means that joy should be messed with. Regardless of the interpretations it is considered as a sign of happiness and the couple is congratulated by the guests screaming Mazel Tov.

Cake pulling

Unlike in many weddings where the bouquet that is done in one among the chosen bridal shops, is tossed, in Peruvian weddings the cake is designed in a way that has ribbons falling out of it with attached trinkets hidden inside. The one who pulls out the ribbon with a fake wedding ring attached to it is considered to be the next in line to get married!These certainly are some interesting traditions just like adorning the bride with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!